Island Paddle Adventures | Water Paddle Fitness & SUP yoga
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We offer daily adventures by Paddle Board for all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a history enthusiast, nature lover, or just want to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun cruising along the river watching dolphins and collecting seashells this will be a perfect trip for you!


Get your body moving while exploring nature to discover a completely different type of workout. Our instructor will show you the correct exercises and form for paddling to enjoy a dynamic and versatile workout while increasing core strength, giving you greater flexibility, mobility and stability around the hips, midsection and shoulders

  • schedule

    • Tuesday 8:15am
    • Wednesday 6:15pm
    • Thursday 8:15am

SUP Fitness

Our SUP fitness class starts with a dynamic warm-up on and off land land utilizing the entire body- we do a combination of burpees, lunges, squats, aqua-climbers, v-sits and other challenging exercises meant to target each muscle group including legs, back, abs/core, etc. We will get your heart rate up so that you burn the maximum amount of calories possible. There will be different levels of difficulty within the class and each week the participants will be guaranteed to notice your improvements

  • schedule

    • Tuesday 8:15am
    • Wednesday 6:15pm
    • Thursday 8:15am


SUP YOGA is a combination of yoga and stand up paddle boarding. We start each class with brief instruction on paddle technique and paddle out to a nearby protected area on the river. Following the warm up paddle, students will be guided through breathing techniques, basic sun salutations, and flow into more challenging postures on the water. Variations will be given to accommodate all levels and ages of students.

  • schedule

    • Monday & Thursday sunrise
    • Monday & Friday sunset
    • Friday sunrise (1.5 hours)

SUP Fitness Rates

  • bring your own board

    • $20 drop in
    • 5 class pass $85
    • 10 class pack $150

  • Use of Island Paddle Boards

    • $30 drop in
    • 5 class pass $100
    • 10 class pack $180

  • intro private lesson

    • 30 min for $40
    • Required for anyone who has never been on a board before

  • private group

    • 1-4 people $75/per person
    • 5 people $40/per person

We also offer Private Group Tours (1-5 people) and Instruction by reservation only. With our private groups, you can grab a few friends or family members and have our instructors all to your selves. If you’d like to come out and meet some fun, adventurous new people, sign up for one of our public groups (prior registration required). Make your reservations now to ensure your spot in one of our SUP adventures this summer.

All Lessons include paddle techniques, safety lesson and fun!

Paddle with the pros

All island paddle Adventure instituters are certified and will ensure you learn the best and safest paddle, yoga and fitness techniques.


All classes are by appointment only. Please call, email or fill out the form below to schedule your perfect paddle adventure.

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Charleston, South Carolina